PERL is the governance token for By participating in the governance, users can get rewarded with carbon credits airdrop which they use to offset their emission. The Planetary Ecosystem Registration Ledger will use blockchain technologies for real-world ecological assets through tokenizing carbon credits and biodiversity, NFTs and decentralised (DeFi) rewards.
Terra Focus is a climate impact development firm that focuses on land based solutions through the implementation of renewable energy and carbon sequestration projects.  The Terra Focus team is deep with specialists from timberland investment management, investment banking, carbon sequestration legal structuring, as well as energy and natural resource infrastructure development.  The team evaluates land in with a climate collective focus identifying opportunities to maximize benefits and enhance long term value.
AirCarbon Ltd Pte is a blockchain based carbon trading exchange based in Singapore. Built as a B2B solution for corporations and the finance industry, AirCarbon sees Carbon Creatures as a consumer endpoint for its carbon offsets.
Stand for Trees / Code REDD protects over 12 million acres of forests and prevents 700 million tons of emissions and is the consumer interface for the non-profit Code REDD whose mission is to support and scale the REDD+ mechanism to realize its full potential to empower people, preserve forests, protect wildlife, and reduce emissions. Partnered with over a dozen forestry projects as well as celebrities, they represents a channel to consumer carbon buyers.